Commercial Tree Services

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Commercial Tree Trimming

Tree trimming keeps your trees healthy and makes them look more beautiful. It also helps keep your property safe from trees falling on your business during a monsoon or high winds. Regular tree trimming maintenance adds more value to your commercial property by making it look more aesthetically pleasing. Professional tree trimming is only a job for certified arborists. Arbor Care’s certified arborists will help your business evaluate the condition of the trees on your property and help make recommendations on proper tree care.

Commercial Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is very similar to tree trimming but the technique and end goal of this service is different. Tree pruning is performed to help shape trees or help them grow according to the landscaping style you are going for. Also, newly planted trees need pruning to encourage different structures or shapes. Mature trees need pruning to keep from branches getting too large and falling on your business. We can perform small tree pruning to help your trees fit the landscape or do preventative tree pruning to help you avoid tree falling disasters.

Trees blocking your business signs? Trees are the tallest natural element in your landscape design and can sometimes block your sign’s visibility. Also, the condition of your tree(s) affect the value and appeal of your property. Our professional tree trimming services help shape your trees and keep them from blocking your signage.

Commercial Tree Removal

Dead or dying trees can become hazardous to your commercial landscape. Some trees are so tall that they could actually fall of your business, creating huge amounts of damage. Trees usually die when they are not watered properly, have pest infestations, or have tree diseases. When trees are in bad health they become much more brittle and in the case on a monsoon, can actually crack in half and fall right on your business. You want to remove or trim trees before they get too tall or you could have a bigger problem on your hands in the future.

Arbor Care Tree Care has the right equipment and safety training to handle any size tree removal, big or small. We are licensed, bonded and insured tree removal company offering piece of mind for commercial business owners.

Commercial Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is typically a part of the tree removal process. Although, if you have a big stump lying around, that can be a safety hazard. You don’t want someone tripping over that stump, hurting themselves and then suing you for damages. We provide stump grinding and stump removal services to help remove stumps from your commercial property. We grind the stump all the way down a full foot under the ground’s surface to ensure there is no stump left behind. The left over tree material can be salvaged to use as mulch or ground covering in your landscaping. Don’t want the leftovers? We can haul them away for you as well.

Commercial Cactus Removal

Arizona is home to some of the largest cacti in the world. These cacti grow so quickly that they can easily overtake your commercial landscaping. This may seem ok but some cacti can actually outgrow their roots, becoming unstable and dangerous.

Cacti can also become infected with air-borne bacteria that can harm the rest of your landscaping plants. We offer cactus removal services to keep your property safe from falling cacti and dangers to your other landscaping plants.

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