If you are searching for “tree removal near me” anywhere in Phoenix, Arbor Care can help. We offer our affordable tree removal services all over the Phoenix Valley of Arizona including PhoenixTempe, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, GilbertGlendale, Peoria, and Scottsdale. Some services we offer are local tree removal, large tree removal, small tree removal, palm tree removal services, fallen tree removal, emergency tree removal.

Professional Tree Removal Services in Phoenix

Our team of certified arborists offfers tree removal for all different types of trees in Arizona including:

Here is a list of the most common types of cactus and trees we routinely remove for clients in the Phoenix Valley metro area. Just because you don’t see the specific tree or cactus you need to be removed in the list below don’t fret because we remove all types of trees.

Large Tree Removal

Dead Tree Removal

Sweet Tree Removal

Willow Acacia Tree Removal

Mesquite Tree Removal

Hazardous Tree Removal

Sumac Tree Removal

Small Tree Removal

Sweet Acacia Tree Removal

Tree Removal Process

A dying tree branch in a dangerous position like perched over the entrance to your home or office can leave you with the only option of an emergency tree removal.

In theory, tree removal is a simple process and can be done by any homeowner or property manager. However, in reality, there are several things that can go wrong like a tree causing further damage by striking a neighbor’s property or an area powerline. Our professional tree removal specialists are required to be licensed and bonded on top of having the experience to remove a tree without causing additional damage.

Step 1. Evaluation

The 1st step for any tree removal enquiry is the evaluation.

We evaluate the condition of the tree and provide several options for saving the tree or removing it from your property.

Step 2. Proper Planning

Based on what your requirements are, we will come up with a customized plan to either breath life back into your decaying tree or completely remove it. Proper planning for tree removal includes selecting crew size, making notes of special equipment needed (cranes, wood chippers) to help overcome obstacles like other trees or power lines next to your home or business.

Step 3. Estimate

Once we have a proper plan in place, we will provide a written estimate for your approval.

We know that you want a high quality tree removal service for an affordable price. Once you have approved the estimate, we will begin the service.

Step 4. Remove The Tree

We will schedule a time that works best for your schedule. On the day of the tree removal, all of our safety equipment will be set in place for quick removal of the tree. The tree removal process will be different based on the location and size of the tree. Larger sections of the tree will be cut into small sections, cut up, and loaded into our trailers. Small branches and limbs will be fed through a wood chipper.

Step 5. Cleaning

After the tree has been successfully removed from the property, we then clean up branches, limbs, and leaves to ensure your space looks the same as when we got there (minus a tree or 2 of course).

Step 6. Recycle The Wood

The material and wood that gets removed from your property will be properly disposed of and(or) recycled.

Wood chips can be reused for firewood, gardening, or mulch. Sometimes the wood chips can even be processed into lumber.

Monsoon Damage Tree Removal

Monsoon winds in Phoenix, AZ can quickly break off large limbs and branches from trees, endangering your personal property. Sick and dying trees have the greatest possibility of being uprooted or tree limbs falling on your property during a monsoon storm.

Hazardous & Emergency Tree Removal

Tree removal can be extraordinarily hazardous, especially when you are dealing with a sick or partially downed tree. Why take the risk of making a potentially dangerous situation worse, give us a day or night and we will safely recover the tree as soon as it is safe. Not only do we remove the damaged tree from your property we also check for other possibly dangerous limbs or branches.

Arbor Care provides professional, proper, and  safe tree removal so you don’t have to. Having dead or rotted out trees are not only hard to look at, they also can be hazardous to your health. Sometimes tree removal is necessary because of power lines, buildings or even other trees. This takes skill and professionalism to get the job done right the first time. Arbor Care’s highly trained and experienced team has the proper equipment and skill to tackle any tree, at any location. After we remove your tree or trees, we are sure to clean the area to keep your property looking nice and pristine.

Palm Tree Removal

If your palm tree is dead or just no longer wanted, Arbor Care can remove your palm tree in a timely and professional manner! We work with the homeowner or business manager to cause only minimal disruption of your day to day life.

Tree Stump Removal

A tree stump is an easy reminder that a tree has been removed. It could be that the original remover of the tree did not have the proper equipment to fully remove the tree, stump and all. In order to properly remove a stump and roots, the stump needs to be ground down 2-3 inches below the ground by using our specialized equipment.

Click here for more information about Stump Grinding.

Tree Removal FAQ

Read our most frequently asked tree removal questions.

Does my insurance cover damaged or fallen trees?

Yes, most times homeowners insurance does cover damage done by a falling tree. Typically limits are between $500-$1,000 per tree. In some instances, damage from fire, lightning, or vandalism will cover replacement costs. It is best to check with your insurance agent to be sure.

Am I responsible for removing overhanging tree branches?

When you share a property line with your neighbor and tree branches are creeping onto your property it is your responsibility for trimming. In order to completely remove a tree that affects both parties, there needs to be a mutual agreement for everyone involved.

Are tree removal services tax deductions?

If the tree you are removing is located on an income generating property like a rental condo then the answer is YES. However, if this is your personal residence the answer is no.

My property was damaged by a tree on my neighbor’s yard! What should I do?

When a neighbor’s tree branch falls on your property then you are responsible for the removal. The reason is that damage happened on your property so your policy would be used to remove the branch.

How much does tree removal cost in Phoenix?

Homeadvisor ‘s tree removal cost calculator lists a typical range of $75-$1,500 with a national average of $651 for removing a tree taking into account the size, condition,  location, and diameter of the tree.

Arbor Care Offers Affordable Tree Removal In Phoenix

5 Star Review On Google: I was in a pinch needing a couple trees removed from a storm and the guys at Arbor Care were able to accommodate my schedule and fit me in asap. So thankful for their friendly staff and wonderful service! I will definitely be recommending them to anyone I come across needing tree services.” Ilian N

Proper tree pruning promotes healthy, new branch and leaf growth and reduces the likelihood of storm damage. Having routine tree service helps maintain the value and enhances the overall appearance of your estate. Arbor Care accepts both small and large tree removal jobs for residential and commercial tree care. If your trees go left unchecked, they can continue to grow unabated. This can open the door to a variety of very bad results. The professional arborists and tree workers at Arbor Care all have years of experience, and are experts on tree trimming and pruning. Arbor Care Tree Care can help with professional and safe tree removal. If you are interested in any of our tree removal services, please give us a call at (480) 797-5566.

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