Palm Tree Trimming Services Near Me In Mesa, Tempe & Phoenix

Palm tree fronds start turning brown and can be an eyesore. What is a palm tree fround? A palm tree frond is another word for palm tree leaves. The fronds eventually start dying and will turn brown, orange or yellow. Are you worried that something is wrong with your palm tree or think it might be dying? Don’t worry, the fronds turning colors is very normal part of palm tree growth. Although, no one wants to see dead looking palm trees in their yard. That’s why Arbor Care offers professional palm tree trimming services to help remove the browned fronds once they have reached that stage of growth. Trimming will allow for your palm tree to grow healthy new growth fronds without the bad ones stealing all of the nutrients. Take a look at our palm tree services below.


Palm Tree Trimming Process

We have a 4 step palm tree trimming process that we follow to ensure the safety of our workers and the highest customer satisfaction from our customers.

Step 1. Palm Tree Assessment

We asses the tree to be wary of any safety dangers that we might encounter.

Step 2. Free Palm Trimming Estimate

We will provide you with a free palm tree trimming estimate for your approval.

Step 3. Trimming The Palm Tree

After you have agreed to our quote, we then begin the palm tree trimming & frond removal process.

Step 4. Cleanup Of Debris & Waste

After we have successfully trimmed the tree, we then clean up all debris and waste from your property.

Palm Trees In Tempe, Mesa & Phoenix, Arizona

It hot climates like Mesa, Arizona, you can see palm trees everywhere, from the side of roads and freeways, to public parks and shopping malls. Palm trees can grow out of control quickly and needed to be trimmed to keep a beautiful appearance. Palm tree trimming services help keep your palm trees looking beautiful no matter what time of the year it is. Arbor Care tree service will help make sure your palms don’t suffer from insect infestations, under-fertilization, or palm tree diseases. See our palm tree trimming services below.

Palm Trees That Shed Their Fronds 

Some palm trees don’t need trimming as they will natural shed their dead fronds. The trees that don’t need to be trimmed are royal palm trees, foxtail and veithchia, yet they will still require nutrients and fertilization to help them grow healthy.

Why Are My Palm Tree Leaves Turning Yellow and Brown? Palm Tree Frond Falling Off?

Your palm tree leaves are turning yellow and brown or falling off for 1 of 2 reasons, either: 1. Because it is dying or 2. Because it needs trimming.

1. Your Palm Tree Needs Trimming

As palm trees grow, it is natural for leaves to turn yellow, then turn brown and finally fall off the palm tree. Natural palm tree shedding will usually happen towards the bottom of the main part of three where the leaves grow. The rest of the palm tree leaves should be solid green.

2. Your Palm Tree Is Dying

However, if you have more than the usual amount of yellow and brown fronds, this could be a sign of a sick or dying palm tree. Your palm tree is most likely lacking proper nutrients such as magnesium, manganese and nitrogen. All of these nutrients help your palm tree grown properly.

Palm Tree Removal Services 

Is your dead palm tree an eyesore? Do you think your palm tree is infested or diseased? Arbor Care offers residential and commercial palm tree removal services for anyone wanting to remove palm trees from their property.

Palm Tree Health Care & Maintenance

If you are looking for someone to bring your dying palm tree back to life, Arbor Care can help with that too. We offer palm tree care and maintenance services to help provide the right type of nutrients your palm tree needs to grow happy and healthy.

Schedule Your Palm Tree Trimming Service In Mesa, Tempe or Phoenix

Receiving palm tree trimming services will help make sure your trees live a long and healthy life. Improper palm tree care will result in a loss in overall tree health and a poorer looking tree. We also offer palm tree trimming near you in TempePhoenix & Scottsdale.

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