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How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow?

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow

There’s a lot of residents in the Phoenix area interested in finding out how fast palm trees grow in Arizona. The first element in estimating how fast your palm tree is going to grow is subject to the particular species of your palm tree. Whereas many various palm trees can grow up to two to three feet each year, others could take a multitude of years to reach their height of just five. The ideal way to go about planning your landscaping is to be aware of the species you are going to plant, read more about that species and find out how much they will grow, and additionally, how fast.

There are several factors concerning the growth rate of palm trees, in which all, can promote or deter the palm trees growth. Those factors can be varied from the where they are planted, when they get watered, the fertilizer used, and many other factors.

Palm Growth Rates

You can anticipate having healthy growing palm trees after the irrigation, fertilization, positioning, and pruning have all been figured out. Every species of palm tree has their own growth rate. Keep reading to get a better picture on what the average growth rate for palm trees is.

Queen Palm

When planted inside of the USDA hardiness zones nine – eleven, the Queen Palm grows at the rate of about two-feet each year. Therefore, a fifteen-gallon Queen Palm tree is going to yield you a twenty-five-foot Queen Palm in an estimated ten-years. Overall, you can regard this to be a somewhat high-speed rate of growth.

King Palm

King Palms are also a quick growing palm. They are going to grow quickly in soil with excellent moisture and plenty of nutrition. The King Palm is going to grow at a rate of just about two feet per year. Which means that they grow somewhat slower than Queen Palms do. The growth rate for a King Palm could be intensified by planting it in a place in which it only gets a little amount of shade since the sun is going to help it grow faster.

Mexican Fan Palm

Mexican Fan Palm trees grows much faster than a lot of the other palms. It is also one of Arizona’s more typical palm trees, in which could get as high as seventy to one hundred feet in height, being taller than a lot of the residential yards can manage. Under normal setting the Mexican Fan Palm tree is going to grow as much as four feet each year. Nevertheless, because of their hasty growth and extreme heights they are favorable for using in public parks and for commercial settings.

Mediterranean Palm

These palms are also called European Fan Palm trees and they are somewhat slower growers, growing about six inches each year, and attaining full maturity of twenty feet in height at a very slow rate. They are nevertheless, favorable because of their fronds beauty, including their bark. These palms make a enjoyable addition to a lot of residential landscapes for they aren’t going to over power the landscapes visual appearance of the landscape itself or of the house.

Foxtail Palm

As fast-growing palm trees, the Foxtail Palm is going to grow two to three feet each year under normal (exemplar) conditions and grow to a height of thirty feet in total height inside of a ten-year span. A good alternative for those that want fast-growing palm trees for shading. It has a deep root stem feature giving it the ability to tolerate drought conditions.

Pygmy Date Palm

Pygmy Date Palm trees are a compact species of palm that can be grown in any part of the landscape in USDA hardiness zones nine – eleven and as a houseplant for the rest of the US. Growing at one-two feet each year they are going to slowly reach a general height of five to nine feet in height. When planting a single-trunk specimen they are going to get two-five feet wide, when planting a multiple-trunk specimen, they can reach five-seven feet in width.

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