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How Much Does Fallen Tree Removal Cost?

How Much Does Fallen Tree Removal Cost

According to RemodelingExpense, the average price for the removal of a fallen tree is $333 for 2020 in the US, with costs ranging from $225 to $441 depending on whether you just want thre tree cut down, removed and hauled away as well as wanting the fallen stump also cut down and removed. Prices can also vary depending on your location in the country.

Understanding The Costs

It is easy to underestimate the cost of removal for a fallen tree as there is often more to it than simply tree removal and therefore can be more expensive. For example, the contractor you hire will have to accommodate safety and insurance costs into their quote for you and depending on the location of the tree and previous adverse weather conditions there may be additional costs if the tree is on a fence, roof, pool, septic tank and so on. All of these factors will add to the time, the equipment required and the manpower needed to complete the job successfully. Look at the following table to see how the costs add up depending on what needs to be done:

Cutting Tree Down Only Including Removal And Haulage Including Removal, Haulage And Fallen Stump Removal
Fallen Tree Removal – Material Price $45.00 – $58.50 $45.00 – $58.50 $72.00 – $81.00
Fallen Tree Removal Cost $225.00 – $247.50 $270.00 – $292.50 $315.00 – $360.00
Fallen Tree Removal Total $270.00 – $306.00 $333.00 – $360.00 $387.00 – $441.00

Thankfully, an insured and licensed arborist can ensure the job is done in a professional manner for you. Whatever service you choose, be sure to get the service contract ahead of time, in writing, to safeguard the project costing you additional costs. Indeed, it is a good idea at the outset to get three to five quotes from reputable arborists. Remember every company will have its own pricing structure based on its operations and overhead. Quality doesn’t always mean the most expensive is the best option, so be sure to clarify what services you are getting when obtaining a quote. You can often pick up discounts in the quieter fall and early winter months, which traditionally are the quietest time of the year. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to budget an additional 15% for the removal, just in case additional problems are encountered.

A good example of an additional cost may be when the girth of the tree is wide and the branches are strong and well developed. This may require additional breaking up to be hauled away as well as additional work on the removal of the stump. beyond a certain diameter, there may be a charge per square inch of around $2.50 for additional stump removal and it may be neccesary to clear land on the way to and from the tree to fully remove it. This may also incur additional costs.

Along similar lines, if you want to use the wood for wood chips you can expect a processing fee to average out at $112.50 with costs ranging from $65 to $150 as per Homeadvisor

Homeadvisor also suggests requests for the logs to be split for the purposes of firewood can be done for around $75 and you can expect to pay more if the tree is in a remote or hard to reach location.

Tree Removal Services In The Phoenix, Arizona

If you need tree removal services anywhere in the Phoenix Valley, give Arbor Care a call today at (480) 797-5566 or receive a free tree removal estimate in Phoenix. Our Service area includes Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise, Arizona.

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