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If you are searching for “palm tree removal near me” anywhere in Phoenix, Arbor Care can help. We offer our affordable palm tree removal services all over the Phoenix Valley of Arizona, including PhoenixTempe, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, GilbertGlendale, Peoria, and Scottsdale.

The leaves of a palm tree are referred to as fronds, and when they begin to turn brown they can be a sight for sore eyes. The fronds (leaves) will eventually start to die off, turning brown, yellow, or even an orange. Are you wondering if there is something the matter with your palm tree or concerned that it could be dying because its fronds (leaves) have started changing colors?

Well, this is where Arbor Care comes into the picture. Our experts can identify any issues with your palm trees and provide safe removal services. There are many palm tree diseases that can cause demise, including lethal yellowing, bud rot, ganoderma butt rot, and fusarium wilt. In addition, many pests can harm trees in the Phoenix Valley. For example, royal palm bugs, giant palm borers, thrips, palm budworms, palmetto weevils can all prove fatal.


Signs Of A Dead Palm Tree

There are four key signs to look out for when it comes to a dead/dying palm tree, including:

Discolored/Wilting Palms

Check the soil if you notice your tree’s fronds becoming discolored. This is generally caused by a lack of nutrients or an improper amount of moisture/fertilizer.

Lack Of Nutrients

Potassium, manganese and magnesium are the most likely nutrients for a tree to be lacking in. Try a visual inspection, plus a soil test to determine if this issue is present.


A simple visual inspection can stop pests before they cause considerable damage. Watch out for sucking insects, palm aphids, mealybugs, caterpillars, and spider mites, specifically.

Bud Rot

Bud rot is a fungi, which causes palm fronds to wilt and die. California and Mexican palm trees are the most at-risk trees of this potentially lethal disease.

Palm Trees In Phoenix

You will be able to see palm trees all over in places like Phoenix, Arizona where there are such hot climates, they are on the side of the roads, in public parks, at shopping malls, and on the freeways. They need to be kept trimmed if you want to have a beautiful appearance for they grow rapidly, getting out of control. The services of palm tree trimmers can help to keep your palm tree(s) beautiful all through the year. Here at Arbor Care tree service can help in keeping your palms safe from insect infestations, being under fertilized, and free of diseases. Checkout the services we provide for palm tree trimming right here.

Palm Trees That Shed Their Fronds 

There are several palm trees that will shed their own dead fronds, and will not need to be trimmed. These will be the royal palm trees, veithchia, and the fox-tail, Although, even these are going to need to be fertilized and also require nutrients to stay healthy.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

On average, a palm tree removal service costs $825, with prices ranging from $150-$1,500, according to Homeadvisor.

Here are a few factors that could either increase or decrease the cost of your palm tree removal:

Palm Tree Size: Not only does this mean height, but also the girth of the tree. How much tree has to be physically removed will certainly impact the bottom line.

Stump Removal: Typically, palm tree stumps are quite soft and will not cost much more than $50 for removal.

Number Of Trees: It is possible to obtain additional value whenever you need more than one palm tree removed from your property.

Location/Accessibility: Access is a large factor that can influence cost. The more manpower it takes to remove the tree, the more this process will cost.



Can You Revive A Dead Palm Tree?

Here are a few proven ways to bring your dying or dead palm tree back to life:

Water Everyday: Known for its dry and extremely hot summers, Arizona offers a challenging climates for all trees. Make sure your palm always has enough water. However, overwatering can cause brown or yellow leaves to fall off and die.

Cut Top Off: In an effort to save your palm, you must get rid of any dead parts. It is recommended to cut off about 3 inches off the top until noticing a hard wood in the center. Hard wood present in the tree is a clear sign the plant is still alive.

Use High-Quality Fertilizer: Top fertilizers will be made of a slow-release formulate, designed specifically for palm trees. High-quality fertilizers provide the nutrients your palm desperately needs for several months’ time.

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