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Skinning Palm Trees

Do Palm Tree Trunks Grow Back If You Cut Their Trunks

Many people ask “Is it a good idea to skin my palm tree?” Read on to learn more!

Homeowners skin their palm trees for aesthetic beauty, paired as well as health benefits for the palm tree. Also, rodents and many of bugs use the palms dead fronds as a resting place.  The dead fronds still on the tree take up the nutrients that would’ve otherwise gone into the healthy fronds, hence the importance of skinning your palm trees. Palm fronds are sometimes a headache to deal with since they often end up falling out of the tree, which leads to countless dead fronds all over your property.

Dangers To Skinning Your Palm Tree

When skinning a palm tree of course it comes with a risk to the tree and tree trimmer involved in the job. For the Trimmers themselves, they run all sorts of risks as any tree trimming service would. You’re in need of a ladder or bucket trucks in order to reach the highest part of the palm tree where the fronds hide. Falling from these heights is the worst part of the job, which is the primary reason why people hire professionals to complete the task at hand. Professional trimmers sometimes even  climb the tree itself.

As mentioned previously trimming jobs pose countless risks for the trimmer and the tree itself. When the palm tree is hurt or cut, the dead fronds act as an open wound on the tree. Just like any other organism, open wounds become infected. The reason for this could be due to unsanitary trimming equipment being used so it is important to sanitize your trimming equipment before the skinning process starts. Also be very wary that cutting too deep into the tree trunk can and will leave scars to the palm tree, which in short will hurt the tree when it comes to the transfer of nutrients.

Skinning a palm tree should be limited to only once a year.

Palm Tree Assessment in Phoenix, Tempe, & More

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