5 Low Maintenance Plants Arizona
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5 Low Maintenance Plants Arizona

5 Low Maintenance Plants Arizona

Gardeners in Arizona desperately need low-maintenance plants, capable of surviving with little to no care. Take a look at 5 of the best drought-resistant plants in the valley of the sun.

1. Dalea

Daleas are a unique and diverse group of plants that not only survive, but thrive in the extreme Arizona summers. There are almost 200 species of these plants, including trees and shrubs. The pea-like flowers grow in three different colors.

2. Vauquelina Californica (Arizona Rosewood)

From the rose family, this evergreen shrub is dark with noticeable streaks of red. The Rosewood will produce white blossoms during the spring.

3. Sugar Bush Rhus Ovata

Growing to an average of 3-4-feet tall, this shrub features green leaves with a hint of red along the edges. The leaves will turn a beautiful shade of red/orange during the fall. The Sugar Bush Rhus Ovata is coveted for producing small, yellow flowers.

4. Eremophila

This group of evergreen plants originates from the arid to semi-arid regions of Australia. These emu bushes can thrive in several different soil types, capable of surviving for a long time without water.

5. Little Leaf Cordia Cordia Parvifolia

This small tree grows between 3-6-feet tall overall. It features a broad, rounded canopy that grows white flowers during the spring. Small and pointed leaves can grow on the thin, brown bark.

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