Tree Removal Cost 2024
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Tree Removal Cost 2024

Ah, tree removal! It’s a necessary task sometimes, but the cost can be a bit of a mystery. Read on to learn more!

Average Costs:

  • Nationally: $385 to $1,070 per tree, with a total project cost range of $200 to $2,000+.
  • Factors affecting cost: Size (taller = pricier!), species (some are trickier to remove), condition, location (accessibility matters), removal method, disposal fees, and labor costs in your area.

Cost Breakdown by Tree Size:

  • Small (under 30 ft): $150 to $450
  • Medium (30-60 ft): $435 to $870
  • Large (60-100 ft): $1,160 to $2,000+
  • Giant (over 100 ft): Can cost upwards of $5,000, depending on complexity.

Additional Costs to Consider:

  • Stump grinding: $100 to $500 per stump.
  • Log splitting and hauling: Additional fees may apply.
  • Permits and inspections: Some areas require them.

Tips for Saving Money:

  • Get multiple quotes: Compare prices and services from several arborists.
  • Consider the timing: Fall/winter might be cheaper due to lower demand.
  • Remove multiple trees at once: Discounts might be available for bulk jobs.
  • DIY (with caution): Only if the tree is small and easily accessible. Always prioritize safety!

Important Note:

  • Always hire qualified arborists for tree removal. DIY can be dangerous and lead to property damage.
  • Get written estimates: Ensure details like scope of work, costs, and insurance are clearly outlined.


  • Tree removal is an investment. Choose qualified professionals and prioritize safety above all else.

Tree Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Tree Removal Phoenix

If you need tree removal in Phoenix or anywhere else in the Phoenix Valley, give Arbor Care a call today at (480) 797-5566 or receive a free tree removal estimate in Phoenix. Our Service area includes Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise, Arizona.

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