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Tree Trimming Costs 2018 Guide

Tree Trimming Costs 2018

If you are searching for tree trimming costs or tree trimming cost near you in 2018, this post should help! Arbor Care is an experienced tree trimming company located in Tempe, Arizona. Here we share our experience with you and let you know what cost to expect when thinking about DIY or Professional tree trimming services. Furthermore, if you are reading this article from Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale or anywhere else in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, get a free tree trimming quote from the professional tree service experts at Arbor Care.

Tree Trimming Cost In 2018

  • Lowest Tree Trimming Cost: $50 (DIY)
  • Average Tree Trimming Cost: $250
  • Highest Tree Trimming Cost: $1,000

What Is The Cost Of Tree Trimming?

On occasion, you will need tree trimming done to maintain an attractive looking yard. Pruning or trimming your trees help to remove broken or dead limbs which could be dangerous, in addition to improving the appearance. However, until you are in need of a tree trimming, you probably won’t understand the costs. Tree trimming costs range based on various factors, including if you are doing it yourself, or using a professional tree trimming service. Keep reading to learn more about cost of tree trimming.

What Is The Cost Of Do It Yourself (DIY) Tree Trimming?

Renting heavy-duty gas operated tree trimmers are an option in certain areas. For purchasing standard hand-held pruner or loppers, they will cost on average, $40 – $50. Whereas, a gas pole pruners average $180 and up. However, these get the job done efficiently and quickly. It should be noted that a standard hand-held lopper or pruner only work well with small branches or fruit trees. If the tree needing trimmed is larger, you need to have it done by professionals from a tree trimming company.

How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost?

Most homeowners decide to call in the professionals to tackle the trees that need a trimming. However, when asking many companies, the common question “How much does tree trimming cost?”, you do not get a direct answer. There are several reasons, because the final price depends on various factors. Although, it is good practice to obtain quotes from several companies to get the best price possible. You should ask questions before choosing the tree trimming company to use. Once you have your answer and quotes, compare them to decide who has the best prices, and offers the best experience for the job.

Tree Trimming Cost By Size Of Tree

The tree’s overall size will have a large effect on the total tree trimming costs. Obviously, a taller, larger tree is going to cost more to shape and prune compared to a shorter, smaller tree. This is partly because there are more branches on larger trees, meaning more trimming and time per job. Below is a breakdown on average professional tree trimming prices:

Cost To Trim A Tree 30ft or less:

Trees under 30ft, such as dogwood trees and Russian olive trees average $75 to $450.

Cost To Trim A Tree 30ft – 60ft tall:

Trees in this range, such as crab apple trees average $150 to $875.

Cost To Trim A Tree 60ft or taller:

Trees over 60ft, such as pine trees or red oak trees average $200 to $1,000+ for professional trimming.

Additional Costs

There are some services that can increase the final cost of tree trimming. For instance, it is often about $250 per hour for emergency tree pruning and trimming services. Want dead or broken limbs cleared from the tree? This runs about $1,000, but if the tree company does not have their own truck, workers will be required to climb your tree and increases the average price over $1,500.

Different factors impact professional tree trimming costs, including:

  • Elapsed time since last trimming
  • Tree location
  • Tree’s overall health
  • Accessibility
  • Travel expenses, if a company must travel.

While the costs of tree trimming can become expensive, allowing the professionals to handle the job is worthwhile. Allowing the professionals to conduct tree trimmings you avoid any unnecessary risk of injury to yourself, your family, or the tree.

If your tree has branches or limbs that are growing dangerously close to power lines, remember to contact your local utility company. Often times, the utility company will come out (or send someone out) to trim limbs or branches that are near power lines at no cost as it helps avoid more expensive repairs on their end if the branch falls on the utility line. It’s always better to be safe, than be sorry later!

*Disclaimer – These are not our actual costs for your project. Every tree trimming project should begin with an initial consultation and tree inspection before we offer tree trimming estimates. 

Arbor Care is a Professional Tree Trimming Company In Arizona

Arbor Care offers professional tree trimming and pruning services in Tempe, Arizona and sourounding areas. Request a free tree trimming estimate from the professional tree service experts at Arbor Care.

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