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Why Trees Need Pruning

A big part of pruning is removing the damaged, diseased, or dead branches of the tree. Removing these areas helps prevent further decay or insects from entering into the healthy areas of the tree. Dense canopies of leaves might provide shade that we love, but too much shade can limit sunlight and air which promotes some diseases in trees. Pruning removes water sprouts and suckers that help direct better distribution of water and nutrients throughout the tree. Pruning also removes crotches that are weak where branches intersect with the trunk of the tree. If they are allowed to fester the tree can tear at these spots.

Trees usually have 1 branch that goes straight up and is the highest point of the tree. This branch is called the “dominant branch”. Sometimes two branches might grow both trying to be the tallest branch in the tree and this can be dangerous. High winds can cause these branches to fight against each other and damage the tree.

Pruning Equals Safety

Trees with improper structure clearly can tear themselves apart under high winds, and that poses danger for us. Falling sections of tree or heavy limbs and branches can cause serious damage to our property or harm people. If these trees are near the house, power lines, or even the driveway very costly damages are possible if trees are not cared for properly.

Sections of tree have been known to fall on roof tops and not just damage the roofing but simply pierce the roof decking as well. This means the elements are going to come on into your home. Well pruned and maintained trees that provide shade to the house during summer are a great benefit in keeping the house cool. However during the windy months they can become a danger without proper maintenance and pruning.

Tree Shapes

Trees that grow in the woods are beautiful, and take on many different shapes. They are not managed or shaped in any way whatsoever. Trees that exist in our landscapes are part of an overall look in our gardens and with their size they are a prominent feature. This means that trees that grow in unusual ways will create non symmetrical shapes. Regular pruning helps maintain the trees shape and helps it mature into a more beautiful, healthy, and balanced tree.

A big part of maintaining the shape of a tree is removing key areas to stimulate or restrict growth. If areas are growing sparse but others are dis-proportionally flourishing pruning can help balance the growth. Over active areas can be trimmed back and the other areas will benefit from the removal. This will create a more balanced look for your tree. Catching these issues early will help every tree on your property look better when it is mature.

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