What Are Palm Fronds
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What Are Palm Fronds?

What Are Palm Fronds

Everything you need to know about palm tree fronds, including care, aging and disposal, are outlined below!

What Is A Palm Frond?

Essentially, fronds are the leaves of a palm tree. Unlike the leaves of deciduous trees, though, palm fronds will stay green year-round. The fronds are responsible for performing photosynthesis, providing the tree with much-needed food for survival. These fronds come in many different shapes and sizes, with a typical lifespan of five-plus years.

How To Care For Fronds

The good news for homeowners is palm fronds do not require any specialized care. They will age naturally, turning brown over time. The experts say you should only cut the frond if it is completely brown colored.

If you think the fronds are diseased, it’s best to call a tree service professional. Professionals can accurately assess when the fronds do need to be removed. Refrain from removing any fronds ahead of hurricane/monsoon season. Palm trees can sustain even more damage if fronds are removed prior to any extreme weather conditions.

What To Do If Fronds Turn Brown

As mentioned above, fronds will become brown over the years. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as some palm species are considered self-cleaning, letting the fronds fall off naturally when the time comes. Other species will require dying fronds to be removed by hand.

Use a clean sharp knife or pruning spears when attempting to cut the fronds off. Contact a professional service for this task if you have any safety concerns at all. The experts say springtime is the best time to cut off either dying or dead fronds.

Disposing Of Palm Fronds

Fallen fronds can undoubtedly be several feet long, decomposing quite easily. It’s recommended to run these fallen fronds through a wood chipper before letting them decompose. This process will likely take a decent amount of time even with the help of a chipper. Contact a professional if you need any help performing this final step.

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