Average Tree Removal Prices
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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Average Tree Removal Prices

The average tree removal cost is about $825. The cost to remove a tree ranged from $150 to $1500 for the US in 2020 according to multiple sources such as TreeRemoval and others. Other types of tree services will be extra. HomeGuide states a similar price range with a national average of $715 for tree removal with average prices ranging from $100 to $1800.

This guide will show you just how much it will cost to have various trees removed from your property. There isn’t an exact way to determine the actual cost to remove your tree without getting a tree service estimate, these are just general costs. For instance, the height of the tree and the complexity of the job are pricing factors. Costs may also vary depending on the location and condition of the tree.

Average Cost of Tree Removal

The average cost of tree removal is about $825 with average prices ranging from $150 to $1500 for the US in 2020 according to multiple sources.

Large Tree Removal Cost: $1500

Large Tree Removal Cost

On average, large tree removal costs about $1,500, with average prices ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 according to HomeAdvisor. There isn’t a realistic way for a person to remove large trees from their property. You don’t want to do this on your own. One thing to be aware of is that its expensive. The overall cost is based on various factors. If the workers have to climb high and rope down a lot of pieces before felling the tree, the bill will be high. You may end up paying more than $1500 for that service. Some companies may throw in extra services for free, but many companies won’t.

Medium Tree Removal Cost: $630

Medium Tree Removal Cost

On average, the cost of medium tree removal is $630.

Trees Between 25 and 75 ft tall – Trees that are between 25 feet tall and 75 feet tall cost between $210 and $1,050 depending on the location and type of tree.

Small Tree Removal Cost: $327.50

Small Tree Removal Cost

On average, the cost of small tree removal is $327.50.

Trees Under 25 ft tall – A tree that is under 25 ft tall will cost between $145 and $510 depending on the location and type of tree.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost: $75-$150

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

The cost to remove a fallen tree is about $150, with average prices ranging between $75-$225. If a tree falls on your property, you may want to clear it away as soon as possible. Although it isn’t as risky as removing a healthy tree, it still has a lot of equipment needs and can cause injuries if not careful. The total price will depend on if you have it hauled away or just chipped/cut up.

Oak Tree Removal Cost: $200-$1000

Oak Tree Removal Cost

Oak is a very strong and tough wood. Tree removal for oak is often charged a premium to remove it. They are also quite tall. The average height for a healthy oak tree is 60 feet. On average, oak tree removal costs about $600, with prices ranging from $200 to $1,000 according to HomeAdvisor. Because it is a solid thick wood, the total price is going to be towards the higher end. Ensure that you have a good reason to have it removed before spending a lot of money.

Pine Tree Removal Cost: $200-$1500

Pine Tree Removal Cost

There are various types of pine out there, but the average height for a pine tree is between 40-60 feet. Some varieties may hit 80 feet tall. The total amount you will spend is based on how large the tree is. You may end up paying $200 to remove a smaller pine tree and more than $1500 for a larger, taller pine. The average pine tree removal cost is around $850. This is why it is important to get several removal quotes.

Tree Branch Removal Cost: $200-$300

Tree Branch Removal Cost

If you only have to remove a few branches because they are interfering with a power line, call your local utility company. They should fix the issue for free. If you need the branches removed for other reasons, you need to have a tree service remove them. If the branches are small you can do it yourself. If you need to hire a professional, you can be charged an hourly rate. Many companies will charge between around $250 for tree branch removal with costs ranging from $200-$300. If you have a lot of branches to be cut, it could get expensive.

Tree Stump Removal & Grinding Costs: $60-$350

Stump Removal & Grinding Cost

The average stump removal cost is about $205. Stump removal costs range from $60-$350 per stump. On average stump grinding costs range from $75-$1000 according to TreeRemoval.com

Removing stump costs are different based on various things. The cost to remove stumps will depend on if you can do it yourself or hire a professional, as well as other factors. Learning about the costs that are associated with removing the stump, can help you to avoid unwanted surprises. Learn more about Stump Removal & Grinding Costs

Palm Tree Removal Cost $200-$500

Palm Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of palm tree removal is $350. Palm tree removal costs ranged from $200 to $500 in the US for 2020. However, palm tree removal prices can go as low as $150 or as high as $1,500 depending on several cost factors including size, location, and more according to Phoenix Trim a Tree. Learn more about palm tree removal costs.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost In Phoenix, Arizona?

Tree Removal Cost Phoenix AZ

On average the cost of tree removal in Phoenix is about $429; with costs ranging from $150 to $900 in 2020 according to TreeRemoval.com. This estimate includes the cost for neighboring cities such as Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, Surprise, Sun City, Mesa, and other areas in the Maricopa County area.

Tree Services that May Cost Additional Money

There are some people that may want more than just basic removal services. For instance, if the price doesn’t include hauling limbs away, you may need to pay extra for that. Tree limb removal costs do vary, but the average cost is between $50-$75.

Additional services that could be added for an extra fee include:

  • Limb chipping: Instead of having the limbs hauled away, you could have them chipped. If the tree service has a chipper available, this shouldn’t cost much. If it isn’t included, you may need to pay about $75 more to have it done.
  • Stump removal: Stump removal is normally not included in tree removal pricing. Unless you plan to pay extra, you will have a stump left. Sometimes, you can get a discounted price to have it removed. Different equipment is needed and it is done by a subcontractor, which is why it could be a costly add-on. The diameter of the stump will help to determine the cost of removing it. You can pay between $60-$350 per stump. If the stump is rotting, it will be cheaper to remove than a healthy and solid stump.
  • Travel expenses: If you live in a rural area and the tree removal service has to travel a long way, you will possibly end up with travel costs as well. This may or may not include drive time.
  • Log splitting: For those who have fireplaces, this is a nice service. If the company offers it, they will bring a log splitter with them. There isn’t a fixed price for this, but it is normally about $75 or more added to your total price.
  • Tree trunk removal: The company should cut your tree trunk into small sections to haul them away, which makes it easier to remove them. If you want them to haul them away, you will most likely pay more. The amount will vary, but it is between $50-$100+ for this service.

Factors that Affect Tree Removal Prices

The total cost for removing a tree will depend on different factors. Here are the main factors:

  • Location: It is cheaper to remove a tree if it is away from houses and other obstacles. If there are risks for damages, the company may charge more. This is because their liability goes up and they have to be super careful and use complicated techniques and more complex equipment.
  • Diameter: The diameter of the trunk will play a part in the cost. This also comes into place for stump grinding. You could pay more for a shorter, thicker tree than a taller slim tree.
  • Condition: If the tree is strong and healthy, you may pay more. If it is rotting, dead, or dying, it would be easier to remove and results in lower costs. If you aren’t offered a reasonable price, make sure that you point out that the tree is weak.
  • Size: The height of the tree is one of the most critical cost factors.

A Special Note about Damaged Trees

After high winds or major storms, the tree may crash and cause damage to objects or your home. Tree removal services may charge more for removing these types of trees. The reason for the higher price is because they have to be careful that they do not cause any more damage to the property. Not to mention that damage trees have more risks in general as workers can be injured.

Even though it may seem to be a major expense to have a tree safely removed by a professional, it is well worth the money. When you let a professional handle it for you, you are able to avoid any serious injuries to yourself as well as avoid other types of issues. Removing a tree is not an easy job. Why not let a professional handle it for you?

What is Typically Included with Basic Tree Removal Services?

Various services are offered when removing trees, but basic services are normally included. The tree will need to be cut down. Normally, the contractor will rope down pieces of the tree by climbing and cutting the tree into manageable pieces. In some cases, it could be hauled away for free, or it will be included in your estimate. For more considerations, look at the complete guide to know what questions to ask about when looking for tree removal services.

Tree Trimming Costs

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

In order to keep your yard looking as great as possible, you may need to have trees trimmed and put into shape. Additionally, making a tree look better for the eyes, pruning or trimming may be used to remove broken or dead limbs that can pose a serious issue. The cost for tree trimming will vary, depending on various factors, including whether or not that you can do it yourself or if you need to hire a professional contractor to do it for you. Learn more with the Tree Trimming Cost Guide.

How Do I Find Tree Removal Near Me?

Tree Removal Near Me

There are many ways to find tree removal companies in your local area. If you’re looking for tree removal in Phoenix, Trust Arbor Care for all of your tree removal needs.

Ask Friend and Family for Referrals

Your friends or family may have used a good tree company in the past. Try asking around to see if they know of an affordable arborist that can help.

Use Search Engines Like Google.com

Use Google.com to search for “tree removal near me” and look at the maps listings to find the best tree removal company.

Use Online Directories to Find Tree Removal Companies

Online directories like Home Advisor and Yelp provide lists of the best tree removal companies near you. Looking for the highest rated tree service professionals? You will surely find them on these helpful websites.

Join an Arborist Forum Online

Join an online arborist forum like ArboristSite.com. You can find local professionals and ask members about tree removal pricing, etc.

What’s the Average Tree Removal Cost Near Me?

There are multiple ways to find the cost of tree removal near you. Simply use a search engine like Google.com to search for “tree removal cost near me” or you can use an online tree removal cost calculator such as the one HomeWyse provides.

The estimate HomeWyse provides includes basic labor to remove a tree up to 30ft tall. This estimate also includes equipment needed and the cost of hauling and disposal. It does not include stump removal costs.

Tree removal costs near you might be slightly higher or lower than the national average tree removal estimate of $825 with prices ranging from $150 to $1500.

Tree Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Tree Removal Phoenix

If you need tree removal in Phoenix or anywhere else in the Phoenix Valley, give Arbor Care a call today at (480) 797-5566 or receive a free tree removal estimate in Phoenix. Our Service area includes Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise, Arizona.

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